Atleast once a month we hear in the news about some problem in the animal kingdom, about some environmental degeneration due to pollution, about the ever declining health of the population. Compared to the world in which our ancestors lived, we aren't drinking clean water, we aren't breathing clean air, and we aren't eating natural foods anymore. While the human body and the planet are amazing in their abilities to adapt, just how far can the envelop be pushed?

Maybe it's time to review our charity giving donations (for those who can afford to help out financially) ... while others can review their habits at the micro-level and learn how to minimize their contributions to the various problems. The "New World Order" is not one of Global Corporations controlling World Governments, but one of "Understanding," of coming together to raise the new barn after its destruction. All the talking, protesting and letter writing is helpful - but in this world nothing speaks louder and faster than what you do with your money. Big Brother is really keeping an eye on consumerism.

If you need some ideas to get started, check out these websites below. If you need some ways to get started and save some money, check out the web page alreay posted on this site.   Money Matters: Philosophy and Thrifty ideas on how to save money.  click here

Environmental Organizations


Greenpeace wants a greener planet, a more natural environment, and it wants people to become active supporters to help them achieve these changes. Find out what you can do today to assist in causes such as the abolition of whale hunting, reducing radioactive waste and helping to save the rainforests. Click Here

Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth is campaigning hard on your behalf to fight dangerous climate change, toxic pollution, untested genetically engineered foods and companies that put their profits before people. Join up to add your voice and enable them to carry on with the much needed work. Click Here

Green Party

They'll probably not win an election in the near future, but as the environment gets worse their popularity will undoubtedly grow. Read about the Party's economic policies, transport ideas and housing views at its website. Click Here

Do a Search

Type in these "keywords" and see what you can find: energy saving, eco-shopping, green ideas, organic foods, save the whale, wildlife garden, environmental ideas, ethical shoppers, certified organic products, eco-babes, reduce emissions, eco homes. Then look for and follow the links from these sites to learn even more about our options and choices. Click Here

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