Money Matters.

Success is not a goal, Success is a way of life.

It's not how much money you earn that makes you rich, it's how much money you SAVE that makes you rich. Shop around. Check out those flyers. Don't buy on impluse or in a hurry. It'll be on sale next week.

Use energy saving lights wherever you can. Where you sit and read, use full-spectrum bulbs for a more natural light.

Opening the dishwasher before the dry cycle, and letting the dishes air dry, saves 25 - 50 cents per load.

Maximize Credit Card Time before payments. Have 2 credit cards; one card with the statement date at the end of the month, the other card with a statement date on the 15th of the month. Before the 15th use the card that closes at the end of the month. After the 15th use the card that closes on the 15th of the month. That way you will maximize the time between purchases and payments. If you already have two cards, call up and change the statement dates to fit the above model. They will do this and there is no charge. (Just remember your one statement will come earlier for the month in which you make the change. . . or you may get 1 1/2 months of payments to make the first time.)

Pride can be an expensive thing to maintain.

When washing bath towels and face cloths, only use 1/3 to 1/2 cup of soap with the load. After all you're clean getting out of the tub or shower, and there's soap on the face colths.

If you're not in the room, turn the light off. It doesn't cost any more to turn the light off and on like it does an electric motor.

Frequently travel to the USA, don't keep changing your money back and forth, save it for that next trip. Pick out that US change and save it for your next trip; even pennies are welcomed.

Store ice cubes in a plastic bag or container so the self-defrosting freezer doesn't evaporate them.

Drive Much? Go to Canadian Tire Store and pick-up 4x's Gas Coupons at the cash (7X coupons on holiday weekends). Then buy your gas at the Canadian Tire Gas Bar. Buy according to the liters rebate (eg. 30 liters, 40, 50 60, etc.) to maximize your coupon return. Average driver should be able to pick-up $50 per year - and who doesn't go to Canadian Tire.(plus their gas rates are competitive)

If you have an air-exchanger in your home, turn it down or off in very cold weather so your furnace isn't cycling too often.

Rechargeable batteries are a big capital expense, but save you 10 times more in operating expenses in the long run. Best rechargeable batteries are NiMH (Nickel-Metal Hydride).

Outdoor lights at night are nice, but who is looking? If it's security install motion sensors and keep the electric bill down.

It's a very competitive business environment. Shop around and get atleast three different quotes before making any major investment.

Do you use bag tags for your garbage? Buy the industrial size garbage bags but keep the weight below 50 lbs. You should be able to get two bags into one, plus leakage will be controlled better.

It's summer: walk or ride your bike atleast one trip out without the car. You'll not only save gas and wear & tare on your car, but it will do you some good physically.

Sunlight fades your furniture: keep the shades drawn until the sun passes overhead.

When driving your motor boat full speed, pull-back a little on the throatle; it won't reduce your speed that much and you'll save a lot of gas.

Pay for everything with 'bills' only. Start putting your pocket change in a jar or can and don't use it. After a couple of months you'll be suprised how much money you've saved - keep going until you find something you really need.

Many TV's and other equipment are 'instant on' which means they are consuming energy even when off. Plug them into a power-bar and turn the bar off when not in use. It may take a little longer (30 seconds) for the TV or equipment to come on, but the savings are worth it.

Check out store brands, they can be 1/3rd less than name brands. Make a list and stick to it.

If a home is drafty you will run the furnace more as a draft will make you feel colder than you are. High humidity will also make you feel colder.

Christmas is coming so shop around early for the best presents at the best prices.

Hydro prices ridiculous? Stop giving your money to them. Turn off the lights, get energy efficient light bulbs, put block heaters and pool pumps on timers, put on a sweater instead of running the furnace, put plastic up at the windows or close off the ones you don't need, use the microwave more, eat foods uncooked (better for you), run the fridge a little warmer - freezer also, put TV on a power bar and turn it off at night - same with other always on appliances, hang up fast drying clothes instead of running the dryer, wash large loads only.

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