Internet Addict. Are You An Internet Addict?

1. What do you usually think of first when you hear the word "mouse?"
A tool for navigating your cursor around the screen.
A horrible rodent.
Both, usually.

2. How often are you online?
A few minutes to half an hour.
Maybe an hour or so.
Almost every moment of every day.

3. Do you find yourself saying words like "LOL" in actual conversations or in real notes?
Yes, all the time, lol!
It's happened before.

4. Do you neglect your friend's or their phone calls because you are always online?
Once, but I had something really important to finish.
I have friends???? I forgot!

5. Does anyone else ever get to use the computer?
Yeah, all the time.
No, but only because it's my very own.

6. Have you lied to make yourself sound better on any of these answers?
On accident.
Nope, completely 100% honest.

7. How many cool websites do you know of?
A whole bunch.
A moderate amount.
Not very many.

8. Does daylight hurt your eyes?
No, can't say that it does...
I'm outside all of the time, so no.
Yeah, I'm not used to the harsh light of the sun.

9. At work, do you often find yourself thinking about getting online?
All the time.
No, I'm too busy with work.

10. Lastly, do you even think you're addicted?
Why did I even bother taking this silly quiz?

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