History of Westport.

Westport History.
A little bit of Westport's chronological history. If there is something in error, or something you think we should include, please e-mail us with the date and description. Thank you.

  • 1810 - 1820   First Settlers arrive in the area.

  • 1828   Sheldon Stoddard builds first mill on Sand Lake.

  • 1830   David Sinclair builds first retail store.

  • 1830   village given name Manhards Mills

  • 1832   Rideau Canal opens connecting Westport to Kingston in the south and Ottawa and Montreal in the north.

  • 1841   Aaron Chambers & Lewis Camron re-name the village WESTPORT.

  • 1845   Westport Post Office opens.

  • 1853   Westport's Town Hall is constructed.

  • 1864   first department store opens

  • 1864   docks on Rideau Lake errected for Steam Boats to stop.

  • 1888   Westport population 700

  • 1904   Westport gains separate status from North Crosby Township.

  • 1952   last train stops in Westport

  • today   population remains around 700

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