Shop Locally - Buy Locally.Shop Locally - Buy Locally.

There are many well-documented reasons to buy local; first for our community, and second for each and every one of us. While it's not always possible to buy what we need locally, we merely ask that you call or visit our local merchants first.

Chain stores bombard us daily about products and price, but fail to mention the value of a knowledgable sales person, after sales support, and many other benefits that an Independent Business can provide us with both personally, and in our community.

Benefits of Local Shopping in Westport:

  • strengthens local economy - keeps the money circulating in Westport
  • creates more "good" jobs - largest number of employers in our community
  • better service - deal with owners & skilled employees who know the products and serivces
  • encourages local prosperity - attracting and making other entrepreneurs
  • reduced environmental impact - less transportation, sprawl, congestion, habitat loss and pollution.
  • maintains unique community character - attracts tourists
  • intangible value of personal interactions
  • local business support for local organizations and events

Testimonial of a Chain Store Experience:

You stand in long lines to buy cheap "off-shore" merchandise, waiting for a price check - then you stand in another line waiting to return the poor quality merchandise when it breaks or doesn't perform as promised - driving back and forth, or just throwing the item (your money) in the garbage. The people serving you are cold and indifferent to your needs - they don't like their jobs. If it's the weekend (the only time most people have to shop) try to find an employee to help - let alone a knowledgeable one. Then what about "after-sales" support?

And let's not forget that "special" or great deal - you know, the one where you get to the store and there are none left or didn't come in on "the truck". Most stores have quit giving rain-checks, or if they do they never call. More time, money and gas wasted. So you figure, having spent your time getting there, you will just look around and you end up buying something else you don't need or really want once you get it home.

The chains know that if they can just get us in the door, we'll end up buying something before we leave. "Slick Advertising Psychology" . . . Is this the "Experience" you really want?

Don't get us wrong. We shop there occassionally . . . chain stores do have a place in one's life - inexpensive, cheap stuff, that is disposable after a short time. But when we see over-sized shoping carts, over flowing, we have to stop, and look, and ask ourselves, are they really educated consumers? And why are people in chain stores, that are not food stores, shopping for food? The food stores are so competative with each other that one of them has what you need - on sale, if not this week than next week - "stock up!"

Just go and look around at the people and what's in their carts. Go to the return counter and take a look. Then ask yourself if "Slick Advertising" works.

signed . . . a rehabilitated consumer..

Though a single local shop carries a smaller selection than a big chain, a multiplicity of independent retailers actually carry a greater diversity of choices than any single chain store - especially unique, locally made items you'll never see in the chain store.

Don't you want "Quality Products" that come out of the package intact and working? Quality products that last more than a month or two? And wouldn't it be nice to go to a store and meet someone who knows something about what you want to buy. Personal Service, Knowledge, and Quality products & services - that's what an Independently Owned Business offers.

As these chains displace sales at locally owned businesses with their slick-psychology based advertising methods, other parts of Westport's economy suffer.

Independent Local Businesses employ "other" Local Businesses that Chain Stores don't:

  • architects
  • designers
  • Shop Local.
  • cabinet shops
  • sign makers
  • construction contractors
  • accountants
  • insurance brokers
  • computer consultants
  • attorneys
  • ad agencies
  • local retailers & distributors
  • etc. etc. etc.

Personal Service, Knowledge, and Quality products & services
that's what an Independently Owned Business offers.

Westport is Green.

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